There's more to crystals than just sparkle - they're your buddies that soak up bad energy

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Beginner's Guide to the Magick of Crystals

Hey, I see you! Drawn to the magick of crystals and their beauty in not just the sparkle but their healing powers too.

Crystals are energy – just like us humans, made up of atoms.

They’re our buddies that absorb the negative vibes from our aura and space, that we don’t need.

Kinda like getting things off your chest through a rant to a friend.

You found yourself on this page here, which very possibly means, you’re looking for just ONE source of information on crystals.

Everything you need to know about crystals all in one place, one guide, organised and in order.

Check out the below video all about the Guide, including the sneak peek inside:

Google search is cool, but with so much information, so many different books and crystals and oh my goodness look at that your trolley is full of colourful crystals and a dozen books on crystals because there’s so many to choose from and frankly, you don’t know which one you need…

Empty that trolley and save yourself some money (and the headache).

THIS guide covers everything, every newbie to crystals, needs to know.

Hey I'm Aggie! I created this guide based on the questions I had when I was beginning with crystals

I created this guide to educate you, get you experimenting with different crystals and explain how to actually use crystals.

They look pretty on your shelf sure, but rather than just gathering dust, they could also make your life better by clearing the heavy, negative energy from your space and your energy.

"Amazing. So so useful, I can print out the guide and all the attachments that come with it. I think the exercises really topped it off for me, I felt more engaged and like I learn more because it got me trying crystals out for myself. Lots of room for notes, lots of great add-ons, tables, and charts – very handy!"

P. Singh

This guide is perfect for YOU if:

.:. You’re completely new to crystals or you have some basic knowledge, but would love to learn more

.:. You’d like to learn how to use crystals and what to do with them

.:. You’re not sure which crystals to start with

.:. You’d like to know which crystals to use for different physical or emotional symptoms

.:. You’re interested in holistic and alternative healing methods

.:. You’re really into crystals but you’re not sure why or what to do with them

.:. You learn better through exercises and having things to print off, tick off and make your own notes on

Okay so here’s what you get in this guide:

.:. 80-pages of crystal content including exercises and a test to see which of your Chakras are blocked

.:. Notes sections throughout the guide

.:. 9 Bonus Printouts Worth $29:

- Crystals to Help with Negative Emotions

- 20 Common Crystals + Their Properties

- Crystals for Common Physical Issues

- Crystals for Intentions + Affirmations

- Starter Crystals Checklist

- 7 Chakras Explained Table

- Crystals for Each Chakra

- Chakra Body Placement Diagram

- Zodiac Stones Index

"I was feeling so confused and overwhelmed with these crystals, each book was totally different and didn’t really cover all the topics I wanted it to cover. And then THIS – this guide is a life saver! Rather than buying lots of different books on each topic I wanted to learn about, this guide has all the topics and information I needed."

G. Mustang

Here’s the complete table of contents of the Guide:

.:. Introduction

.:. Terms + Shapes

.:. Crystals and Their Size

.:. What Are Crystals

.:. History of Crystals in Ancient Times

.:. Benefits of Using Crystals + Why You Should Use Them

.:. Choosing My First Crystal

.:. Which Crystals to Start With

.:. How to Choose Crystals

.:. Getting Clear on Your Intentions + Issues

.:. How to Use Crystals

.:. Using Crystals for Energy Healing

.:. Using Crystals for Physical Healing

.:. Using Crystals for Meditating with Crystals

.:. How to Include Crystals in Your Meditation Practice

.:. Manifesting with Crystals

.:. Step-by-Step on Setting the Intention for Your Crystal

.:. Using Crystals to Calm and Cleanse Your Space

.:. Where to Buy Crystals

.:. How to Choose a Crystal Using a Pendulum

.:. How to Clean Crystals

.:. Crystals and the 7 Chakras

.:. Chakras Locations in the Body

.:. Which Crystals are Blocked - Test Exercise

.:. Crystals for Your Astrology Sign (not your birthstone)

I’m sure you have specific things you want to learn when it comes to crystals. To make it even easier...

Here’s what you’ll learn:

.:. 5 main uses for crystals

.:. How to use crystals for your benefit

.:. How to choose crystals

.:. How to manifest your dreams with crystals

.:. How to use crystals for physical healing

.:. How to use crystals for energy healing

.:. How to meditate with crystals

.:. How to use crystals to cleanse your space

.:. How and why you need to clean crystals

.:. 7 Chakras: what they mean and how they’re related to crystals

.:. Crystals and their shapes, sizes names and all the basics

.:. History of crystals in ancient times

.:. How to specify and pinpoint your dreams, issues and intentions for your crystals to help you

.:. How to set intentions for your crystal(s)

.:. Where to buy crystals

.:. Crystals for your Astrology Sign (not your birthstone…)

Sound good?

Am I answering your crystal prayers? 😉

"This guide helped me so much! I was totally new and had no idea where to start with all these crystals… It felt like there was a lot to learn but the guide was really clear and everything was kept simple which made it all so easy to understand. I cannot recommend it enough, I’m now experimenting more and more with crystals and I’m so happy I started with this guide :)"

L. Kelly

If you’d like any more topics to be added or covered in future guides, email me at [email protected] to let me know.

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